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Falafel and burger has conquered our hearts – it is tasty and extremely healthy

About us

Innovative food preparation techniques

Falafel and burger has conquered our hearts – they are tasty and extremely healthy. Therefore, we have decided to change ourselves from connoisseurs to experts. In our company we create extremely delicious, healthy and nutritious products prepared from the best quality vegetables, herbs and spices, which are rich in exotic flavours and natural goods.

Our products do not contain allergens, therefore they are suitable for people who choose the vegan, vegetarian, kosher or halal lifestyle.

They will be an excellent choice for those who appreciate the time that it takes to prepare food, those who like to try new fancy dishes or are just looking for an alternative meal.

Whoever you are, we are convinced that we have something special for your taste buds.

Talented and experienced team

We are here to change your perception and experience of healthy cuisine, to provide you with unique fit products and to enchant you with energy and dynamism.

We have a talented and experienced team of food experts and enthusiasts who puts quality and taste. The vegetables and herbs that are used inside our falafels and burgers are sourced from local suppliers and are constantly monitored to guarantee the best of quality to our customers.

Away from polluted cities, in the mountainous climate of Dobczyce, we opened our first factory, which is entirely devoted to valuable, fresh, healthy, tasty and fully natural vegetarian food, available at reasonable prices.

Do you want to become our partner - do not hesitate! We are happy to make new friends and build long-term business relationships!


Our team at Nutri Foods continuously carry out market research in the areas of where our customers are located to always improve our products and to meet customers desires.

We know that the culinary tastes and end-Clients’ needs vary depends on the region of living, therefore our R&D team works really hard to establish with the Clients throughout feedback loop the best suited product that will make their customer happy.

Perfect Dietary Balance

Due to the knowledge of experts, our products contains the best ingredients. As falafels and burgers are full of nutrients, high in protein and contain healthy fibres, they are an excellent choice for the perfect dietary balance.

We feel that the product that we create should be the product that we would like to choose ourselves.

Product Innovation & Testing

Our Product Development Team constantly innovates in terms of products and flavours, leaving end customers very happy and creating loyal, repeat customers. Our ideas and values are based on constant developing and adhering to stringent quality standards in the production process.

We also develop complementary products and various flavours to enhance the main line item, therefore helping our Clients to maximise customer satisfaction and profitability.