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Aromatic and tasty meal without meat?

Looking for a high in protein and fibre meal? Perfectly balanced, full of fresh, unmodified herbs and vegetables? Meet the falafel and the burger!

Selected vegetables from local suppliers.

Fresh herbs, spices, reflecting the tastes of the whole world. That is our falafel and burger! Discover its interior!

We are special! Why?

Because we love what we do and the meals we give to our customers are the ones we would like to give our children. Meet us closer!

Don’t have idea for a fit dish?

Looking for a healthy alternative to monotonous dinners? Don’t have enough time to prepare your lunch, and at the same time you dream of a delicious and quick lunch? Try Falafel and burger!



A young, entrepreneurial company with a passion for healthy, clean label and great tasting products. We want to show that vegan and wegetarian products with a great taste are not a contradiction.


Nutri Foods® combines tradition and modernity in the pursuit of the highest quality products, created with passion and commitment, because:

„Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"

Henry Ford

We believe what we do! To provide to our Customers a range of vegan products which combine cleanest label with outstanding taste experience.


Vegetables are the base of every falafel and burger.
We only use the freshest vegetables from local producers to ensure we bring our customers the best taste and quality.

As a base of our products, we pick chickpeas and broad beans from the best places in the world, which makes us sure that our falafel’s and burgers are full of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

The herbs used in our recipe have many health and wellness benefits. They are essential for a healthy diet, just like vegetables.