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The pioneer company
in organic farmin in cyprus

Organically cultivated crops

All our members exercise organic farming. The crops are grown and molded by Mother Nature and the human’s hand only intervenes to help the Nature’s cycle. The use of chemicals pesticides and herbicides is forbidden and our strict quality control procedures ensure a natural product.

We are farmers!

We are the farmers, we are our crops, we are the company. Owning and managing the entire production line allows us to offer the most competitive prices to our associates, with experience being the key to hight quality products, reliability and consistency for our clients.

Weather and land are on our side

We occupy from Cypriot and Grecian lands. The rich an fertile soil of cyprus and Greece, combined with the Mediterranean climate and sun, ensure the maximum quality of our products.

We strive for excellence

In Biolife Trading Limited we don’t only dream for success, we work for it We chase our vision and we offer high quality products to our customers. Striving for excellence is aspiring for greatness and remember: You dont’s have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great — Zig Zaglar.

Nature in store

Our farmers work with care and respect to the product, the land and the enviroment. We put nature in package and we hand it to you. Just like that and in cometitive prices making a business for our farmes and a path to nature’s magic for you.

Why work with us?

  • Reliability. We are the producers Groceries all year around.
  • Grapes from June - October
  • One point of contact in Poland for all our orders and inquires.
  • Customized products and packaging according to customers needs and specification.
  • With Biolife Tranding LTD you choose quality and consistency.

Biolife Tradiing's
Quality Control & Producs

  1. Our plants are selected from seeds, in our Cretan nursery facilities (Greenhouse Production).
  2. Plants are only grown with organic methods. (No pesticides)
  3. Through "Contract Farming", end product quality is ensured. All farmers need to ensure their produce is up to standards before passing through our quality control before packing.
  4. Only the best produce is selected for packing and exporting.
-Your partner form growth to shelt
-Heigh-end product quality
-Control from source to delivery
-Driven by customer needs
-Tailor made solutions

Our Products

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Our production facilities
and installations

  • Cyprus
    • Biolife HQ
    • Grape farms
    • Table Grapes
    • Packing house
    • Sultana Raisin Processing line
  • Crete
    • Packing house
    • Sultana Raisin Processing line
    • Grape farms
  • Greece (Pella)
    • Grape farms
    • Table Grapes
    • Sultana Raisin Processing line
    • Packing house

Biolife Tranding Operations Structure

sum and soil





Organic Production
Global G.A.P.
ISO 22000-2005


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ul. Moniuszki 1A
00-014 Warszawa

KRS: 0000537049
NIP: 5272727842
REGON: 360532695

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