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Passion and commitment at every stage of the production

Falafel is increasingly conquering global markets. We are convinced that thanks to our passion, commitment, carefully selected products and professionalism at every stage of the production, our product is going to be the best in the market.



At Nutri Foods, we are very passionate about our falafel production!

Unique in the industry

We are leaders in the World of Falafel. Due to our  knowledge , wide distribution and the production facility built especially for falafels makes us the best in this industry.




There are many different ways to make falafel, just like there are many different ways to make other meals. Here at Nutri foods, we believe there is only one proper way to make falafel which our customers will love.


Our uniquely designed, innovative production line has been built by our team which compromises of highly trained and skilled individuals that have a great perception to detail which in return creates the exceptional falafel to suit each customers desires.


You are more than welcome to visit our facilities to see our production first-hand.


Here at Nutri Foods, we offer two types of packaging options:

200g- For the individual person wanting a quick and easy meal
1KG- For the family or friend gatherings.

For distribution purposes, the products are packed in bulk boxes placed on pallets.


As our products are fresh, our sales team and production team work very hard to ensure our produce is never short. We offer several ways of refrigeration and storing options for our falafels to our customers depending on their needs. We will meet your needs in all cases.


We do not keep a lot of our products to make sure that what our clients get is as fresh as possible. The small amount of stock in our facilities are kept for emergencies, quick restocking and for new clients. Our Sales Team and Production Team work in tandem guaranteeing product availability.